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The idea is simple. Wear MJ’s sequined glove on your website by changing your mouse cursor. Just copy and paste a code into your HTML script and watch your mouse cursor transform into his sequined glove. Advertisements

Several times since living over here I’ve found myself being saved by the humble tissue packet—an invention that I’ve come to regard as ingenious. Absolutely necessary if you live in or visit Singapore. “But it’s just tissues,” you may say. Wrong. Besides your usual snot rag, these little portable packets have a myriad of uses. […]

A Singa Mate


Just as I was thinking I needed to find a hobby or join a group to keep my weeks from falling into the mundane work, home, sleep routine, the Iceland Volcano erupted. And in the theory of 6 degrees of separation, a family friend(one I’ve never met) just so happened to get stuck in Singapore […]



Knowing people in a foreign country where you’ll be living for 4 months is a good way to ensure survival and prevent death from loneliness. Other than the few JWT people I’d spoken with over email and phone, I had my old boss, who’s since moved to Singapore, to show me around and help get […]

There is quite a considerable amount of information I need to pack into this first post. But if any of you have an attention span that is even slightly akin to mine, I know I’ll lose you after the first paragraph. And we just can’t have that happening, now can we. I am, after all, […]

I don’t know what sparked my Italian father to bring out the bling. Maybe he became bored with his ho-hum style after 61 years, maybe he thought he could reinvent himself by adding a little pizzazz to his look, or maybe he just wanted to piss off my very conservative mother. Whatever his reason, I […]

For any NYC area foodie out there who likes good Italian food and wine on the cheap, I highly recommend visiting a little restaurant called ‘inoteca. There are actually two locations throughout the city—in addition to a sister restaurant, ‘ino— with the most recent outpost in walking distance of my office. So yesterday evening, after […]

I’ve always been more favorable of team sports than the individual kind. (Dancing aside.)  I can remember my first gymnastics meet when I was 7. The whole time during my floor routine I was a nervous wreck thinking about how as soon as this was over I was telling my mom “I quit.” And so, […]

Hi world, Trying things out and exploring what Word Press has to offer.  Right now I’m on black licorice! Enjoying the chewy sugary goodness now, but will probably regret it in a few minutes when I have tummy ache.