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The other night found me overindulging in Brazilian churrascaro at Carnivore. As you can probably guess from the name, this is not a place for you meat-phobic herbivores (though there is a pretty nice salad bar.) And if you are a vedge-head, one visit to this restaurant and you just may find yourself crossing over […]

A Singa Mate


Just as I was thinking I needed to find a hobby or join a group to keep my weeks from falling into the mundane work, home, sleep routine, the Iceland Volcano erupted. And in the theory of 6 degrees of separation, a family friend(one I’ve never met) just so happened to get stuck in Singapore […]

The lunch orders were in, the stretch limo was waiting and the weatherman was spot on when he forecasted clear skies and 70 degrees of pure bliss. On a recent fall Saturday morning, I, along with a couple of my like-minded wine-o friends, set out on an all day excursion far away from strenuous Manhattan. […]

Or maybe it’s that they have the money to do more exciting things since they’re not blowing away their paycheck on NYC rent. Either way, they just got back from one of the most amazing looking (and sounding) vacations–a 6 day rafting trip down the Grand Canyon. Now, I just want to make it clear […]