Carnivore- A Taste of Brazil in Singapore


The other night found me overindulging in Brazilian churrascaro at Carnivore. As you can probably guess from the name, this is not a place for you meat-phobic herbivores (though there is a pretty nice salad bar.) And if you are a vedge-head, one visit to this restaurant and you just may find yourself crossing over to the other side.

What probably made the experience all the more entertaining was that I happened to be one in a party of 15—a farewell bash for a Navy lass who’d been stationed in Singapore for the past few months. Needless to say, it was quite a jovial bunch.

So there I was, dining alfresco in the hot Singapore heat when the churrascaria experience began. Before I knew it, men- all with skewers of large portions of meat- started popping up at our table. They were like Knights; so swift and dexterous with their skewers and knives(though they looked more like swords,) slicing the Rump roast, Beef wrapped in bacon, Lamb, chicken hearts and buttery white fish. So skilled were these servers and so seriously focused on their routine of swiftly slicing and dodging to the next diner, I didn’t know what was more entertaining, watching them or watching what type of meat came out next.

Dining at Carnivore is a very structured system based on paper discs (coasters)— one side red, the other green—that are handed to you by your server after you’ve ordered your beverages. On the green side is written a Portuguese phrase translating into what I came to understand as, “Please sir, can I have some more.” And the red side reading, “No more. I’m full and about to bust a gut.” Quite a unique concept.

And let me tell you, these soldier-like meat slicers played by the books, man— if your green side was facing up, it was a shower of mini sausages, brisket, chicken legs & hearts, ribs, lamb, and Lord knows what— all the finest cuts, sliced ever so thin, just falling onto your plate in a mountain that screamed cardiac arrest. You start off savoring the succulent and tasty, though quite salty meats. Then, somewhere in between the beef wrapped in bacon and the chicken heart, you find yourself full, but meat keeps making it’s way on your plate. You can’t get to your coaster in time to flip it to red, so soldier boy carves another fine slice of flank and it falls gracefully on top of your pile. He shoots you a quick grin before he’s off quicker than he came in , leaving you perspiring in the 90-degree humidity only leaving the condensation from your now luke-warm Tiger beer to drip onto your hot skin to cool you down. But you’re all smiles because never in your life have you been treated to such a feast; with men beckoning to give you a taste of their meat before you can even say otherwise. Then you’re back to your plate, not leaving any traces behind. After all, this was an all-you-can-eat Smorgasbord of a meal and who in their right mind wouldn’t take advantage.

….$100 Sing later and we retreated. Slowly pushing ourselves away from the table, we headed to Raffles for the classic, yet much touristy Singapore Sling. I passed on the Sling as it’s not my Thing, but found entertainment in the 5-man band with a lead singer starkly resembling Otis Redding. And so it was the perfect ending to the night, listening to a wonderful rendition of Barry White’s “My Everything” over a peanut shell fight (though there were some whole ones involved—no casualties, though) in Raffles.

I think I just found the first thing I want to bring back to the States with me upon my return. Maybe I’ll become a restaurateur, opening Hoboken’s first Brazilian churrascaria. Now taking applications for meat severs. Apply within.

Kudos Carnivore- your service and meats are impeccable.


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