Knowing people in a foreign country where you’ll be living for 4 months is a good way to ensure survival and prevent death from loneliness. Other than the few JWT people I’d spoken with over email and phone, I had my old boss, who’s since moved to Singapore, to show me around and help get me situated.

Then there are the people you don’t know directly but through a connection –and because you want to avoid watching re-runs of Jersey Shore every Friday and Saturday night for the next 4 months— you make them your friend. Thus, how I became a self-appointed Navy groupie.

Thanks to T and his Navy crew, my time in Singapore has been reminiscent of a typical summer back in the states—nightly BBQs complete with Taco Dip, Bud Lights, board games and good tunes (no other place in Singapore can you find Tortilla chips–Doritos, yes. But plain Tostitos, you’re out of luck—unless you’ve got an “in” with the Navy) not to mention some of the nicest Americans who are living some pretty amazing lives, traveling and living in places I’ve only dreamed of visiting.

I joined the Navy crew for a good old Trivia Night last week at a bar/restaurant called Brewerkz—your typical American-style chain sports bar. The MCs were 2 Brits with thick accents and they constructed on one challenging competition. This was global trivia, catering to the groups of participants hailing from countries across the world. Definitely not a game for novices, but there were a bunch of pop culture references in the mix that I got excited about knowing—I think they throw them in to give people a little pick up in the middle of all the impossible questions that they ask. Although we had strength in numbers, we unfortunately didn’t bring home any prizes but I have a strong feeling that won’t be the last Trivia sees of me.


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