TVal is Blinging it


I don’t know what sparked my Italian father to bring out the bling. Maybe he became bored with his ho-hum style after 61 years, maybe he thought he could reinvent himself by adding a little pizzazz to his look, or maybe he just wanted to piss off my very conservative mother. Whatever his reason, I was naturally caught off guard by the gaudy, diamond-studded, crown-setting “TV” jutting from a 14-karat gold ring that he chose as the sole accessory for his friend’s wedding reception.

You might be wondering why I’m making such a deal about this. After all-TVal being a full-blooded Italian reared by a extended paisan family in the Bronx- you’d expect a little tinsel to be part of his daily get-up. Well, let me tell you a little about TVal. He’s no guy to don the tinsel. We’re talking about a chili-loving, sweatpants-wearing, unassuming, traditional Italian man who my mother can’t even get to wear his wedding band. And yes, he’s a bit of a softy. So when he saw my reaction to the eye sore of a ring, he blushed a little, pulled his hand back and then willingly agreed to get his camera out so I could snap this photo for my blog.
Huge right-The ring and the girth of his fingers. The index alone has got to be at least 2” in diameter.
He must have dug through the archive to unearth this. I vaguely remember seeing it as a young girl, fishing through my mother’s jewelry case. But never have I seen him wear it for serious.

What I want to know is, where the heck did the ring come from? I’m hoping it was a gift and not his own purchase. But then what acquaintance of his would pick out one of the most stereotypical Italian-American ornamental pieces for the man who could pass for Tony Soprano?

TVal, thank you first of all for giving me fodder for my blog. I can always count on you to shake things up on the Valpster. And, I do have to say, you surely know how to rock the bling at an age where many struggle just to get dressed in the morning without some assistance.

Rock on TVal.


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