It’s never too late


Feels like I’ve been speaking these words a lot lately. Like, for instance, in its most common form, “Aly, it’s never too late to become a Broadway dancer;” which over the past few years has transformed into “back-up dancer” and most recently, “professional dancer on Dancing with the Stars.” (Of course, there’s always the chance that my non-existent acting career could take off in which case ABC will then ask me to be a contestant on the show.)
It’s not an unattainable dream, this ability to become an electrifying dancer. I’ve had the proper training—from ages 5- 10 I took jazz and tap at the local studio, performing in recitals decked out in dazzling sequined costumes—and I’m quite comfortable in any kind of tard, be it “leo” or “uni.” So you see, I was cut out for dance, I just stopped short of realizing this talent, blinded by my countless other abilities.

Then, last year, I decided to pick up where I left off. I enrolled in a beginners Hip Hip class at NYC’s Broadway Dance Center. Now, I don’t know if Broadway Dance Center is the primo dance school in NYC, but that was definitely not a “beginners” class. The room was full of people who had been dancing their whole lives, who unlike me, continued after the age of 10 and didn’t dedicate their time to other passions. They were there with their taped up feet, perfectly ripped tights and cut-off sweatshirts, looking like real dancers; while I was in a pair of umbro’s and a tank top.

But that aside, I left that night a little disappointed. I’m not going to lie here—I thought I was going to go in there and really wow ‘em. I’m telling you, I’ve got great rhythm (thank you mom & dad). Ask around, I’ve been known to cut a rug or two. So you can just imagine the disappointment when I was stumbling over my own feet and couldn’t remember a simple “5-6-7-8” sequence. First class= bust. So onto the next, an “open” class as was written in the description. Little did I know this was “open” to all dancing levels—even more ego-killing than the first class. Wrong choice. I ended up standing in the back by the mirrors and bars while my eyes tried to keep up with the quick pattern of moves that came together so fluidly for everyone else. That was the last Broadway Dance Center saw of me. But alas, summer is over, fall is upon us and winter is approaching—the perfect time to get back in the game.
dance 2j0356787
Next stop…Steps on Broadway. I’ll give it a go, hopefully will stick it out longer than 2 classes and reach that level of accomplishment—which will manifest itself as a big recital, with costumes and an audience and me on stage under lots of lights! If my dream of making it to Dancing doesn’t pan out, I’ll be just as happy if I can come full circle in my dancing life cycle and perform in recitals until well over the age of 35.

And anyone reading this with the slight bit interest to join me, come along—humility loves company!


2 Responses to “It’s never too late”

  1. 1 Tval

    Great dance career synopsis, never let you dreams fade away. Good to hear that your getting back into it, use that natural rythmn you,ve been belessed with.

  2. 2 jval

    Love your blog–you definitely have rhythm & you are right It’s never too late” love ya!

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