One Little Slip Up, But I’m Back in the Game


mounatin dew
I succumbed to my cravings! Since New Years I’ve been soda free. But alas, it was 4 p.m. and I needed a beverage, something to cure my sweet tooth. A quick walk downstairs to the bodega (once-named the Jesus store) found me smack dab in front of a glass case filled with an amazing assortment of colorfully packaged “cold drinks.” I was overwhelmed. It’s been so long. The sweetness in my mouth, the tingling of the bubbles on my tongue, down my throat. I spotted what I wanted, grabbed the metal handle of the door and slid it open. With my mouth salivating, I reached in to grab the bottle. Cold and wet. I almost didn’t make it to the cash register without twisting open the bottle cap. But my will power is stronger than my cravings. I reached in my bag to open my wallet and pull out the $1.50, dropped it on the counter, did a quick 90 degree turn and at the pace of a speed walker, headed straight for the elevators back to the office. What came next, the disappointment, surprised me. From what I remembered, Mountain Dew tasted much better than this. It used to leave me longing for another sip. But no. And now, all of that, breaking my New Year’s resolution, for a crappy tasting soda.

Someone was obviously rooting for me and must have made me choose Mountain Dew. I mean any other day, I would have pulled out a Cherry Pepsi or a Sprite from the case. It must be a sign. Okay, Okay, I hear you. I’ll just pick up where I left off, brush it off. Just a little bump in the road. No biggie. At least I still have my “no gum” challenge that I’m kicking a@# at (2 ½ months and counting.)


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