A Fab Season for Team Kiwi


I’ve always been more favorable of team sports than the individual kind. (Dancing aside.)  I can remember my first gymnastics meet when I was 7. The whole time during my floor routine I was a nervous wreck thinking about how as soon as this was over I was telling my mom “I quit.” And so, that’s exactly what I did, thus defining my childhood and adolescence years as a participant in team sports: basketball, softball, soccer, tennis, lacrosse, all played on a competitive level–in school and club leagues–ranging from moderate to extremely intense (Ahem, Mr. Cocci). I was quite an energetic athlete, a firecracker if you will, who brought fun to the competitive and serious games.

It wasn’t until after college, when I became engrossed in the strenuous and stressful day-to-day life of corporate America, that I decided to take up a strictly social team sport. A sport that as a onetime elementary school student was the essence of gym class and recess–Kickball. NYCSSC is the organization behind this amazingly fun league. They also offer several other sports including dodgeball, water polo and flag football leagues, just to name a few. But for the Valpster’s Summer ’09, Kickball was the game and “Suck my Ki#@” was our name. (Just a note, I voted for “Jiminy Kick It”– but my teammates were for some reason drawn to the former, so it won out.) Eventually,  “Team Kiwi” was what stuck, thanks to my opposition to yelling any words with obscene connotations.

 Here we are looking pretty snazzy in our Lime Green:


The season started out in our favor. We clinched the win in the first round, thanks to the other team’s forfeit due to lack of players. And in high spirits we set off to Boss Tweeds for a post-game celebration filled with free pizza and $10 pitchers of lukewarm beer. The rest of the games didn’t see the same results, but nonetheless we had a blast on the court and raced to Boss Tweeds to hopefully redeem ourselves on the flip cup table.

If you ask me, there really is no better way to spend a Wednesday evening in the hot summer city months than out on a school court playing kickball with a group of 20 & 30 year olds. It’s a riot to see all of us out there having just as much fun on the court now as we did during the old recess years. And don’t think it was only entertaining for us. We had spectators galore. Random people walking by or friends and co-workers who’d trek down to the LES would cheer us on through the chain-link fence and have a good laugh.

I’m sad to see it all end but I know I can always visit the Action Weekly blog where the Summer ’09 season lives on indefinitely.

I don’t know if the fall season will see a return of “Team Kiwi”, but I can tell you this much– if every season with the NYCSSC league is this fun, it won’t be long before I round up the troups for another go round.


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