My Parents Live a More Exciting Life than I Do


Or maybe it’s that they have the money to do more exciting things since they’re not blowing away their paycheck on NYC rent. Either way, they just got back from one of the most amazing looking (and sounding) vacations–a 6 day rafting trip down the Grand Canyon. Now, I just want to make it clear that this wasn’t your normal white water rafting trip where you find yourself one of 8 people in a raft, paddling down class 3 rapids in the Delaware River. Don’t get me wrong, that is exciting, but this blows the Deleware River out of the water. Of course, Jo and Ton wouldn’t joke around; they’ve already mastered the Delaware, and knew that, at the youthful ages of 59 and 61, respectively,  they needed a challenge, something that would prove to their 20-something daughters, and every AARP card holder that age is just a number and these two baby boomers can roll with the best of ’em.

I first heard of their plans when my mom placed the brochure in front of me. Western River Expeditions is the name of the tour company and I could see the draw for my parents from it’s claim of  “crafting  what we consider to be the best rafting vacations in the world.” Here’s the website, you’ll see that this is a no-joke company, allowing only the outward bound, adventure seekers to accept the challenge of their rafting trips.

I give my parents props for this one, man. I would have been shaking in my boots on an 18 person raft for 6 straight days, only pulling to the side to eat and sleep.  I didn’t think they had it in them, but from the looks of this photo, it seems that they had quite the time.

Dad[1] Yes, that’s my father. TVal at his best. He’s probably already got this framed and on the wall in his office. That, or it’s the background on his computer.  Looking good, T!

So, until I have an exciting vacation to blog about, I’ll be writing about the adventurous empty-nesters who never fail to amaze me. Here’s to you two, Jo and Ton. And here’s to going balls out at any age!


One Response to “My Parents Live a More Exciting Life than I Do”

  1. Such a riot! Love the blog, B! Way ta go.


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