Oh, Brit Brit


Last night found me at good old MSG–a fine venue if I say so myself. I was there for no other reason than to get my fix of some fine pop culture entertainment– a full evening of Britney Spears and her Circus tour.  Now, I grew up during the “Hit Me Baby One More Time” days and Never did I attend one of her concerts. But 10+ years later, the situation presented itself when my college roommate secured $10 tickets to see Brit Brit perform live.  It wasn’t something I was going to pass up.. $10 tickets, 8 of my close college friends and a night of circus trix and Britney’s greatest hits… can you blame me? All in all, the “show” was great. Very entertaining. Brits performance however was on the weak side and I found myself–though cheering her on for this amazing comeback (flashback to one year ago when she shaved her head and hit rock bottom)– a little disappointed in her lackluster dance moves. I mean come-on, you’re lip-synching for goodness sake, one would think that you’d be whipping out some amazing dance moves. But no, the dancing was well below par and definitely not the Brittney who “Oops, did it again. ” Except for some flailing and gyrating of her arms, the dancing was left to the quite talented back-up dancers, who I have to say make it so tempting for me to want to jump right on stage and dance my ass off in the center of it all(It’s my secret passion to be a performance dancer).  Brit did make up for her lack of talent when, during the last set she broke out the goods– “Womanizer” and “Slave for you.” Props really must go to the stage crew, costume designers, production team and choreographers whose talents all came together to light up the stage and create an overall energizing display.

It was a once in a lifetime experience; one for the books.  I can now check it off of my list and work on getting some $10 Madonna and Beyonce tickets. Glad I went, glad I can say “I’ve seen Britney Spears in concert” and glad I didn’t break the bank on this one.

brit brit


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    Clueless as to why this appears as my first post, when it was actually my 3rd. Something must have been fishy with the system.

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