My co-worker the hero


So, I work at a company that has got to have one of the greatest recruiting practices, because quiet frankly my co-workers are amazing.  Here’s Alice, my go-to girl for all things of the art and culinary and worlds: alice1

She’s a looker, aint she. Relax, boys… She’s taken.

Anyway, “Al my pal” and I go on little adventures throughout the work day– pick up some lunch, go to the mail room, yadda, yadda. This may sound like nothing interesting, but let me tell you- a minute with Alice and you become so cultured and automatically have this new appreciation for the arts and all things high brow. I’ve even added some great classics to my reading list and have looked into Opera and ballet tickets–something I thought I’d never be interested in– she’s that influential. So I consider her my hero, the one who rescued me from the trenches of post-college binge drinking life and awakened me to what NY (and life as an independent adult) has to offer. I gotta say, I’m beginning to enjoy myself and the things I decide to do in my free time a lot more. So Al, if you’re out there listening– thanks!


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